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At "ECON", we are Manufacturing ISI Quality Concrete Building Materials

Welcome to ECON

As a part of the ECON Group, we believe the product is only one vital element in ensuring customer satisfaction. For more than 22 years, we have dedicated ourselves to provide an exceptional level of customer service within the precast concrete industry. From design and manufacture to delivery and installation, we offer the most comprehensive concrete product service across the eastern India, providing a range of standardised precast concrete products including Interlocking Glossy Paver Block, Paving / Chequered Tiles, Precast R.C.C. Bench, Concrete Outdoor Furniture, Kerb Stone, Manhole Cover with Frame, Precast R.C.C. Door Frame, Cover Block, Precast Boundary Wall etc.

We are well positioned to offer a competitive concrete products service to West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Assam & Tripura of India. We like to see ourselves as more than just a precast concrete manufacturer. Putting our customers first, we are solution providers, with a mission and vision to deliver a continually exceptional level of service, we now bring you the ECON range of ‘something new, something different’ Concrete Building Materials for that ‘perfect long-lasting finish’.  Our commitment to superior quality products, trusted technical advice and an on-time delivery service give you a ‘unique customer experience’.

Our highly trained sales consultants offer expert advice to builders’ merchants, architects, designers, contractors and self-builders, ensuring an on-time and within budget project regardless of size and location.

ECON’s belief in excellence and quality means our products are produced to only the highest standard.  For 10 years from purchase date, we guarantee the structural integrity of our every product when used in residential schemes following relevant I.S. specifications & guidelines properly. Any item failing to meet our strict standard will be replaced free of charge.

At ECON, we provide the highest quality customer care service at every stage of your relationship with us.

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